• Individual


    An individual is effective when they can access, integrate and utilize all of their personal resources and are enabled to achieve both their personal and professional goals. Our programs provide the tools, techniques and practices for individuals, their teams and their organisations to maximize the potential of each individual within their unique personal context. We assist and enable individuals to access and integrate their self-efficacy so that their belief and capability to succeed is significantly enhanced.

    Align Your Self:   Clarity & direction, authenticity, purpose, aligned values, personal transformation & the courage to answer a calling.

    Align Your Career: Capability development & retention, unblock & release potential, goal alignment & aligned effort, engagement & intrinsic motivation.

    Coaching:  Emerging , extending & transforming staff capability , aligning goals, effort & achievement, unblock & release potential, career, personal & professional development, competency to inspire & motivate, efficient use of resources.

    Mastery:  Authenticity & peak performance, extending effectiveness, cohesive interpersonal & stakeholder relationships, released capability & achievement of flow & personal authority.

    Construct Your Role:  Role clarity & fit, professional presence & resilience, self-motivation & accountability, improved customer & stakeholder relationships, targeted & aligned goals.

    Renew Your Self:   Recharged & energised , reprioritise & realigned, sustained, viable performance.

    Results:  Engaged, focused & directed , intrinsically motivated, authentic & enthusiastic, personal accountability & responsibility, sustainable personal performance Close Individual Effectiveness

    Successful organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of engaging their people, not only in terms of their individual competency (Can Do) and their motivation (Will Do), but in terms of aligning their fit with all elements of their personal and professional context. From personal life to their work role, team and business objectives, this level of alignment empowers people with the foundations for self-efficacy, mastery and personal accountability. From knowing what it takes to be effective, to doing and applying effort effectively, to being effective consistently, our programs instil the capabilities that stretch and strengthen participants ability to break through self-imposed limitations and reach new heights of effectiveness.

    We assist individual, team and organizational learning so that all members see themselves as continual learners and active contributors in the essential process of creating sustaining viability and agility to move and grow with changing environments. This results in more engaged and satisfied employees, greater efficiencies and significant, measurable performance improvement.

    Our personal and professional development workshops build the foundation competencies of personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Our consulting programs engage individuals by lining up those elements critical to success in their unique personal and professional life.

  • Align Your self

    Align Your self

    Personal effectiveness is the quality of being able to generate success in what you want and in the way you want. This coaching program is for those who want more out of life or feel there is more to life and aspire to be all they can be. We all have dreams, goals, callings and ‘bucket list” items that when we think about them, make us feel as if something is missing: Something of substance and meaning without which we do not feel authentic or complete.

    The Align Your Self program begins with an exploration of the self, examining all the elements of the system in which we live and that makes each of us unique and gives us a sense of meaning. Participants undertake a variety of interactive and experiential activities in addition to assessments and inventories specifically designed to draw out deep personal drives, eliminate blockages and liberate your authentic self.

    Whether you’re looking to discover your true vocation, transform your sense of self, find the courage to answer a call from your inner voice, or wanting a life worth living; wherever you happen to be—emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually—the Align Your Self program will meet you there and help get you to where you want to be.

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  • Align Your Career

    Align Your Career

    Your career is an arena in which the elements of yourself are given expression. At an individual level the elements composing our careers provide the structure and framework in which you either achieve effectiveness or not. It makes a tangible difference in our self-efficacy, the way we approach our work and impact those we work and interact with, when we properly align our deepest interests, passions and capabilities within a career that truly embodies who we are. Aligning the elements of your career to either free up your capability or eliminate what is hindering you directly contributes to your effectiveness. It also determines whether you achieve, feel job satisfaction and are engaged.

    From selecting career aspirations, to navigating career transitions or aligning your career with your soul’s purpose, this program enables you to focus your talents and make the kind of contribution that inspires you every day.

    • Discover your vocational passion
    • Advance within your profession
    • Change your profession
    • Improve your current job
    • Align your personal and professional priorities
    • Create a healthy balance between work and life
    • Overcome burnout
    • Relocation or transfer
    • Re-enter the work force
    • Navigate and achieve promotion
    • Managing office politics and a difficult co-worker or boss
    • Release yourself from a job that is currently inhibiting your success
    • Looking to make your career feel authentic
    • Recover from being downsized or laid off
    • Wanting a sense of purpose and flow every day
    • Ready for a career that engages your soul

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  • Coach Your Self

    Coach Your Self

    Whether you have a personal or professional question, an uncertainty about your self and / or your effectiveness; and you are ready to take on the challenge of addressing and resolving it, our coaches provide a partner in your success.

    This can be one of the most empowering, potent, enlightening and enriching experiences in an individual’s life as your strengths are focused and enhanced and your limitations challenged and conquered. Choosing to work and partner with a coach can be transformative. You will have a coach, confidant, trusted advisor, consultant, motivator, advocate, challenger, guide, psychologist / counselor, practice buddy and mentor. We select the appropriate approach, tools assessments and enablers to transform your challenge into results.

    Coaching is widely recognized as an enabler for individual, team and organisational effectiveness and ODR’s coaches provide practical evidence-based approaches to ensuring you attain this return on investment. Whether choosing coaching for yourself, your team or adopting coaching as an organisation wide cultural style, our experienced consultants offer a full range of coaching programs to align effort for results.

    • Inter-Personal Effectiveness: For the individual wanting to identify the barriers (internal and external) to their effectiveness in a given context. Devise action targeted projects for implementing learning, access a trusted advisor during implementation and measure your results.
    • Career Coach: Learn methods for aligning and retaining your people on the path to career effectiveness. Create a culture of accountability and responsibility to inspire your people towards discretionary effort.
    • Coaching to Coach: For leaders who are ready or are looking to refine their ability to coach and empower their people to achieve effectiveness. Improve your ability to coach and inspire your team to greater accountability, capability and aligned effort.
    • Leadership Team Effectiveness: Pinpoint the unique critical success factors for your team and those factors and issues that block your team’s effectiveness. Unblock barriers and overcome challenges to align your team around individual, team and organisational performance.
    • Executive Coaching: When considering your efficacy to move yourself or lead your team from a current to a preferred future state, a coach provides a confidant and co-strategist, competency builder and feedback mechanism to ensure your success and executive presence.

    Our highly experienced coaches blend theory, practice and experience in senior organizational roles together with extensive resources to contribute and measure coaching results.

    Our workshops impart the foundational coaching competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and our consulting programs benefit those looking for targeted coaching for their unique context.

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  • Self Mastery

    Self Mastery

    Achieving the state of peak performance called Flow and the deep sense of engagement, satisfaction, happiness and creativity that accompanies it, is both an art and a science. This program provides this in process and strategies. Participants navigate the balance between having a deep knowledge of their self, interests and motivations, having an aligned career and work context and the ability to identify and navigate the critical factors that contribute to each individual’s personal flow.

    The state of flow is intrinsically motivating and deeply rewarding. Athletes describe this state as being in the zone, when everything “clicks” into place. People who experience flow at work describe it as the passion that comes from doing your best and working to your heart’s content. The benefits for individuals, teams and the organisations in which they work are that flow increases productivity, reduces stress and maximises their impact.

    Our Personal Effectiveness workshops develop the competency or knowledge, skills and attitudes for being effective in life and relationships. Our Mastery program provides a process by which participants develop the mental and physical game plan to use their personal resources to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • Innovate Your Self

    Innovate Your Self

    This program is for individuals wanting clarity, direction and focus on their personal effectiveness with their customer/s. If you're targeting the alignment of your professional identity to best effect, then answering the questions “Who do I serve?”, “What strengths do I bring?, and “How do I best engage utilising my strengths to transform customer relationships and build customer retention?” are central outcomes of this program.

    Every individual serves a customer and our livelihood and effectiveness depends on our ability to identify “who, why and how” to not only achieve customer derived value, but our own personally derived value from the interaction. A well aligned role provides you with a sense of purpose and engagement in your work.

    We all have those moments of truth when we see our self, reflected in the eyes of our customer and are unsure of the connection. This program will assist you find your own personal brand, credibility and authentic voice so that your customer relationships are both meaningful and personal.

    • Establishing signature strengths, look and style
    • Who do you serve and how do you make them feel and define your nicheIf its to be it starts with me
    • Who am I when I am authentic
    • Declare your purpose, mission and value proposition
    • Determine how you’re currently branded
    • Identify where your current state branding is working for you and the gaps
    • Determine your alignment, liberate and create your professional identity. Connect with your unique value and become your own flagship product
    • Define your relevance and placement in the market place
    • Use the Business Model You methodology to determine where the market is for brand you Differentiate yourself from your competitors

    We also provide an as required customer advocacy service and/or coaching resource for incumbents when managing and navigating the challenging political environment and cross boundary issues and disputes.

    Our Customer Service Excellence workshops prepare customer interfacing staff for transforming the customer experience through customer advocacy.

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  • Renew Your Self

    In this two-day intensive retreat for business leaders and professionals, we explore ways to keep personal and professional focus and energy high to stay at the top of your game within the complex challenges and conflicts faced in hectic workplaces. Whether you are feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your drive and motivation for your life and career, or your passion is waning and you’re concerned about possible job burnout. Maybe you’re just experiencing temporary job burnout. This program provides an opportunity to renew your enthusiasm for both work and personal aspects of life.

    • Review: Explore those situations in your life which drain your energy, your leadership ability, or otherwise derail your personal best.
    • Reflection: Create the space for future visioning and perspectives.
    • Refine: Eliminate time and effort wasters, distractions, draining thoughts and activities.
    • Reimagine: Identify areas requiring a new level of motivation, energy, and focus.
    • Reprioritise:Manage the critical and mandatory activities and those that can be delegated and eliminate overwhelm.
    • Re-align: Establish strategies for aligning the elements of your life to work synergistically and build in renewal cycles.
    • Recharge: Learn strategies for recharging when time poor, restart after burn-out or avoid getting burnt to begin with.
    • Re-engage: Relocate those intrinsic motivators that inspire and empower you to sustain performance at the top of your game.
    • Rhythm: Establish and sustain a productive and energizing rhythm.

    You will come away with new tools to keep your energy high, plus fresh awareness for resolving the systemic issues that drain or distract you from your purpose at work. Each small group session is limited to 10 participants for accelerated learning. The comprehensive workbook guides your Self-Renewal process, with individual attention to assist with blocks and personal barriers from the facilitator together with ample time for personal reflection. Follow-up coaching is also available.

    For more information about the pdfODR Renew Your Self Workshop.pdf247.83 KB or register in the next Public Workshop.