About ODR

Who are we?

ODR was established in 2001 as a network of organisation development professionals whose experience in senior positions has informed their strong understanding of how people drive efficiency, business performance and sustainability. 

Our honeycombe symbology represents the collaborative and seamless manner in which we operate within your business as if a partner and colleague in the solution build, a coach during the implementation and a mechamism for monitoring and correcting where required.  It also represents the manner in which our products and services act synergistically to support each other and build performance strength.

ODR's Director

ODR's Director

Delia MozerODR's founder and director Delia Mozer BSc MSc GAICD, is a dedicated organisation Development practitioner with a focus on transformational change and organisational sustainability. With key strengths in diagnostics, influence and engagement, designing, implementing and evaluating creative solutions to stickly challenges, Delia is passionate about the relationship between organisational culture and viability / sustainability.

From individual level coaching, through team dynamics and cultural alignment, she utilises the flexibility afforded her in the scientist / practioner method to select from the most appropriate tools and techniques to find the best fit intervention to ensure a measurable return on investment.

Delia's style is collaborative, enthusiastic and empowering. Her approach enables client systems, leaving the people in it more capable. "People want to feel that they have achieved a worthwhile contribution" she says, "when each one of us is aligned at an individual, team and organisational level the synergies create great momentum. Who of us does not want to feel we are making a contributing to something successful?".

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